Hi, I'm Terese Wallen.

and I think you are a Big Shot…and you’re capable of far more than you think possible.


I know because I’ve helped women just like you. They’ve learned to let go of limiting beliefs, believe in themselves, do more meaningful work, and live the life they have dreamed of.


You can too.

Ms. Bigshot is a platform that combines Coaching, Courses, & Community for women

Are you ready to challenge your beliefs?

Why wait? Live life fully now. Do work you absolutely love now, plan an adventure and live your dreams, now.
The techniques I’ve learned are not rocket science, but they do require practice and help from a coach. In the beginning, it is uncomfortable trying something new and questioning what you believe but it is freeing and fun!
Starting my own business has been a dream come true and a huge blessing. It can be your dream come true too!


Here are some of the results I’ve seen from my clients:​

  • More energy, happiness and fulfillment

  • Clarity on their ideal lifestyle and how to create it

  • Ability to work through mental roadblocks and limiting beliefs

  • Trust in themselves to solve problems

  • Knowledge of their strengths and life purpose

  • Creating a business they love, that makes money, from anywhere, anytime

Is this for you? This is for anybody who is ready to shake things up. Look at life differently. Ready to have more fun, go for it! Let’s move forward together…

My Story

There’s something really special about women and aging….


Age affords you wisdom, time back after raising kids and careers, life experience, and knowledge about yourself. Time to find deeper understanding of your desires and dreams, and a more carefree attitude about what others think, and more focus on yourself.


It’s a time for adventure, travel, to explore your interests, to do meaningful work, and, finally, finally make that dream come true. 


My son was getting ready to leave for college. He was our youngest and last one to leave the “nest”. I was looking forward to travel, adventure, and exploring the world. I also wanted to start an online business. Could I do both? It required me to get quiet, do some soul searching, question my beliefs, reframe my thoughts, become acutely aware of what was getting in the way of living my ideal life.  


Before I launched my business, I decided to test my beliefs. I used mind-work techniques and practiced meditation to get clear on what I wanted. Once I was clear, I started. We Airbnb our home, we traveled around the country and around the world. We started our bucket list now instead of waiting until retirement. 


My husband set up his business to run remotely, I started my online and coaching business from my computer. We adjusted to challenges when needed but always found a solution. Aside from us, my website developer & technical assistant from Pennsylvania was living with her fiancé in Thailand.  I had help building out a new course all through VA’s and online services. In 2019 and 2020 we spent 7 months living our adventure while making a living. We continue to this day, traveling to Europe, seeing friends and family, living in warmer climates when we want while LOVING our work.


But, where do YOU start?

When was the last time you looked inward and reflected on what you really wanted moving forward?

  • More meaningful work?

  • Discover your life’s purpose?

  • A new adventure?

  • Travel somewhere big?

  • Create a business that allows you to work from anywhere, anytime?

It is ALL possible. It’s not pie in the sky. Women are doing it everywhere. They are living where they want, doing meaningful work and making money (big money), working as much as they want on their schedule.


I am here to help. That is why I built a program that starts with your beliefs, your thoughts, and your perception. 

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